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GAJOOBTube 8 July 2016
A package opening and preview of a new CD by Mental Anguish called Frozen Lake from HalTapes.

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Music excerpt for review by permission.
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Opening an envelope dated 2004 from Joel Krutt -- it's his CDr What Next? See the listing at
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GAJOOBTube #1 - A brief introduction to the vlog and a quick tour of the GAJOOB Magazine archives of cassette and CDr albums from 1980's to present.

Featured album is Asshole by Mental Anguish, released on Ecto Tapes in 1989. We're playing the track "Oh, Yeah" and visit and where we've got the album available to stream and cover art on display.

Visit for full information.

Reviewed by permission.

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Rotcod Zzaj and John M. Bennett in a collaboration of spoken word and improvisational keyboard for GAJOOB Magazine's Discussions series.